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Shaping the future successfully

Coaching & organizational consulting

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Good to see you here.

Global economic and social changes require individuals and organizations to adapt more quickly. But not everything changes. Recognize the constants and anchor points, shape the changes, recognize and use your potential. I support you and your organization in this.

I look forward to supporting you!

An overview of my services

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Coaching executives,


  • Career advice

  • Management advice, individually and in a team

  • Dialog partner for managers

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  • Develop future prospects

  • multi-dimensional organizational development

  • conducting workshops


IT consulting

  • Strategy consulting

  • Interim management

  • Project consulting and project management


Coaching & organizational consulting in a nutshell.

Coaching is the right format if you are faced with important challenges as a person or as a team in your company or are looking for professional support in your (future) management tasks. Depending on the situation, the coaching takes place face-to-face, digitally or as a conversation in nature.

Professional development is not a sure-fire success and has ups and downs. Personal security about goals, gaining clarity about options for action and recognizing your potential are central elements in order to successfully shape the future with a confident appearance and work.

Setting the right interventions is my passion as a consultant, so that your company emerges stronger from change processes with all its resources and skills and can shape the future successfully.


Get professional advice!

Organizational consulting focuses on the future viability of your company. In addition to strategic, structural and cultural development, it is about cooperation models between (agile) teams, clarifying roles and structuring work processes.

Über mich
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About me

Gerd Deckers

Coach & organizational consultant


Training / studies

Coaching, organizational consulting & supervision

Master's degree at the University of Kassel, 2022


Degree in industrial engineering

University of Karlsruhe (KIT), 1989


33 years in the automotive industry, of which

  • 26 years in various management positions

  • 10 years of foreign assignments


Freelance work since 2020

  • Coaching

  • Organizational advice

operation area

National / international, on site / remote

Working languages

German English

Digitale Weltkarte

My understanding as a consultant

My 26 years of management experience at home and abroad has taught me that the potential of employees, managers and the entire organization is often much greater than it can be seen. Making the hidden treasures and talents usable for the individual and the success of the company is my main driver in coaching and organizational consulting. 


My understanding of leadership


Leadership means support and orientation and includes the privilege (or the burden) of making decisions. What matters is to maximize the employess freedom of taking decisions and to keep oneself out of the daily business and technical decisions as much as possible. The focus on strategy, setting frameworks and as well on decisions which have higher impact gives people in the organization support and orientation.

My understanding of agility


The foundation of agility is trust among employees, among managers and between the two. This also includes an error culture that accepts the imperfections of people and technologies. Agility is therefore value-based and a question of attitude. The methodological fit of the respective form of agility is negotiated by the people working in the project, in the company or in a team. Agility arises when walking, but agile transformation is not a "walk in the park", but a longer process with ups and downs that requires perseverance and control

My relationship with IT


For most of my professional career in the automotive industry, I was responsible for IT management. In Germany and abroad, I was the head of IT departments, each with very different tasks. As a result, I am an expert in IT governance, IT strategy, IT processes and IT-specific project management, and particularly qualified as an IT consultant.


I support you to shape your future.

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